Amidst the frenzy and tension – with 77 days to go to the first YOG, it was a treat to watch the off line version of Part 1 of the Making of Singapore 2010 documentary.

At the end of 60 minutes, I had tears in my eyes.

Right from the start, we decided to depart from the usual Making Of documentary. Instead of a story of just about us, the organising committee, we wanted it to be a story of how different people are preparing for first YOG.

In many ways, the idea parallels how we wanted to organise the Games – as one where we invite, and not mobilize, people to take part, by offering a platform where youth and community can create action and make an impact in their own lives and that of others.

Beyond Gold, which is the name of the documentary, tells the story of three YOG hopefuls, as they prepare themselves for selection against the backdrop of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games events and preparations.

At the end of 60 minutes, I was moved and believed that the YOG had meant something to some people, to the three athletes, providing them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

However, one of our senior management was disappointed as it was not the Making of in a real sense of the word. It was understandable.

Many of us want to achieve so many of things with the Games. There were projects that we wanted to embark on but did not take off because there was not enough time and resources.

But there were projects that we worked hard to pitch for because we didn’t think we should settle for second best just because we are the inaugural Games.

Then there were the “battles” to preserve the integrity of the Games so that it does not get hijack by opportunists for their own gains. After two years at it, I sometimes wonder what lies at the end of this bittersweet journey.

But at the end of 60 minutes of Beyond Gold, I was brought back to the beginning of YOG. I was on the plane out to Beijing for my first Olympics experience when I watched the film, “Colours Fly”, directed by Majid Majidi for Vision Beijing. As the balloons of the Olympic colours took to the sky, I felt that the world was a beautiful place filled with opportunities and possibilities.

In 77 days’ time, the Games will begin and 3,600 athletes will gather in Singapore to live out their dreams. To some, it will be a start of a brilliant career. To others, it will be a beginning of beautiful friendships that span the country and the globe. I hope the YOG will also open the doors in each of their hearts, just as it did ours, to the many wonderful possibilities.