For some particular reason, spammers seem to really like my last post and have greeted it with lots more of their sales-pitches-disguised-as-comments than usual.

In truth, perhaps they’ve just gotten into the spirit of things, it being that time of the year again in Singapore that we locals know and love. Those eight weeks (plus and minus) of madness known as “The Great Singapore Sale“. (also known as the GSS – we love acronyms!)

From the deepest corners of Bangkok’s Chatuchak market in to the sparkling stores along the Champs Elysees, Singaporeans are adept at finding the best deals. We will whisper amongst ourselves, while whipping out our smartphones to double check the exchange rate and prices back home. Depending on the scene of the crime sale, we will further attempt to drive the price down, sometimes in a mangled mess of the local vernacular and sign language. All this before triumphantly carting away our loot and heading to the nearest foot massage. Or maybe that’s just me.

shop till you drop
spot the bargain

So when it comes to the GSS – which is pretty much the equivalent of the Shopping World Cup (in our own backyard, no less) – the Orchard Road shopping belt becomes a swathe of well-seasoned bargain hunters that swarms into the malls and plunders anything with a marked down price.

Second only to our love for good food, I think Singapore stands a pretty decent shot at a medal should the IOC ever decide to make shopping an Olympic event.

Some of the events could include 50metre butterfly queueing (doubles event where you take turns queueing), 1oom freestyle bargaining (whatever it takes to get the price down), shoppingbag-lifting (pretty self-explanatory?), bargain-bin diving (grace is always important even when looking for marked-down items). And since there’s already a modern pentathlon, we could have an urban duathlon: Eating & Shopping! What say you, President Rogge? 🙂

But fear not, my friends who will be coming to Singapore in August. The GSS may be over by then, but if you’re looking for a good deal in the malls between your time competing in sports and taking part in the Culture and Education Programme, there will still be discounts to be found. Plus we’re just itching for another reason for a sale. 🙂

(Let me know if you need foot massage recommendations 😉 )