Some nasty virus has got infiltrated my body’s operating system. (See end of yesterday’s post)

So far it doesn’t seem exceptionally destructive, and is just irritating more than anything. Like one of those silly viruses that activates a screensaver for a few days in a year, forcing you to shut down your PC or operate reaaaaaally slowly. Rebooting me doesn’t seem to help very much, and I drift into screensaver mode with more ease than usual. Doctor prescribed several pills but they don’t look like the big guns he usually pulls out for special occasions with technicoloured phlegm and raging fevers. Bah humbug.

Dr Francis Chong

No, he isn't about to perform surgery

Still, the thing about most folks at the organising committee is that even though they might be on medical leave, off-in-lieu, vacation leave, …. they are often still found in the office. The fear of infecting healthy colleagues, is often what eventually gets many to transplant their battered bodies elsewhere to work. (See suspect in mugshot above)

Similarly, holiday trips have often turned into work-related trips too, like how Lyo and Merly found themselves on a roadtrip up north to Malaysia. (See more of Lyo &  Merly’s travel pics)

Lyo & Merly at the Petronas Twin Towers

ooops. stray hand showing!

On a separate note, the doctor I saw today also asked me about that “song with the hand movements” after he learned I was from SYOGOC. I think he means the Singapore cheer song with JJ Lin. (Apparently, someone’s already spoofed it too) Contrary to popular thought, that’s NOT the theme song for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. (Again, see yesterday’s post)

Just thought I’d clear that up. (Now if only I could clear up my nose as well …)

UPDATE: You asked for it, here it is… the theme song ringtone:
.mp3 (for most phones): DOWNLOAD (843kb)
.m4r (for iPhones):  DOWNLOAD (831kb)