For the whole week this week, Eta tried to prevent me from attending her training session for the volunteers.

I asked her where her class would be, as I could not remember which polytechnic it was. She told me it was at one of the universities.

When I asked her what time it would start, as I was not sure if it was 9.00am or 9.30am. She said 2pm.

Like every one else in SYOGOC, we have started training our volunteers. The Media Operations team had six classes at HQ today for over 120 people.

There was a fair bit of anxiety that some of our volunteers might not show up or would drop out. I can sense that everyone was relieved that we had a good turn out.

Many of the volunteers, like many of us, wanted to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

One of them thanked me for the opportunity (no, thank you for volunteering).

One said she can help out even before the Games starts – just give her a call when we need her.

Some students did say it was compulsory for them to take part – but hey, they came.

I spent a bit of time in each of the four morning classes. Rebecca, who teamed up with Sheau Huei, was warm and friendly, and said to everyone in her Main Media Centre group that they will have a fantastic experience.

In her quiet confident way, Veronica, who partnered Maya, painted a positive picture about the work that everyone would be doing.

Regina, who was with Nadine, was earnest in sharing information that would help the volunteers do their work.

Geetha and Daphne dished out facts and figures, and practical advice to equip the volunteers.

Meanwhile, Jion Chun ran from class to class to make sure everything was in place and in order.

Over at Communications team, Eta – who still looked surprised when I showed up, conducted her class like a talk show – with music, quizzes and a lot of deadpan humour.

But more than just enjoying the show, I mean class, it was a great feeling to see how the people who work on different projects and in different teams on a normal work day came together in one lecture theatre to meet their volunteers, help run the training and make it fun.

I don’t say this often enough. But I am very lucky. I have great people working together in the team.