Hmmm… apparently only one person realised that I had posted 2 x daily post #29. I’m losing count!

Anyway, today’s post will be brief, courtesy of the thing so many of us geeks take for granted: POWER!!!

On behalf of the powers that be (pun semi-intended), I’d like to thank the great men like William GilbertBenjamin Franklin, and Michael Faraday who’ve made our lives better (and worse) with electricity, of which the Youth Olympic Games would not be possible.

Why my sudden feeling of gratitude?

Simple: Everything went pretty well (check out @s2010byteboy and @s2010bytegirl on Twitter) at the National Sailing Centre today, apart from my early onset of Alzheimer’s where I absent-mindedly left behind my A/C power adapter, thinking it belonged to another laptop. This adapter is a critical component for the operation of my elderly laptop powered by a frail battery. (I think 1 x laptop year : 50 x human years)

Those of you familiar with laptops approaching 2 years of age will be familiar with the non-existent battery life as the cells become less and less capable of holding the electrical charge. Thus, I have to quickly type this before my laptop dies completely. (15% left…!)

So tomorrow I will need to hunt this woman (a.k.a. Ho Shufen) down and get my battery back!

Have you seen her?

That's a pretty fierce lens, no?

Wish me luck. :p