Yey… I got my adapter back. (Thanks Shufen!) So that lets me tell you more about what we’ve been up to over the weekend at the East Coast.

Day 2 (Saturday) of our adventure at the National Sailing Centre had sports presenter Matthew, working with with 2 sailors (didn’t get their names!) who were tweeting on water. For the sports presenters at the Sailing venue, it’s tough getting the crowd excited if they can’t see what’s happening, so the tweeters are important as a source of real-time information on the proceedings at sea. As the Internet and Digital Media team, Vic and I are involved so that we can help find the best set-up for this rather unique exercise.

Between me and Victor, one of us had to go out on the water to make sure the technical bit (API settings, signal strength, etc) was ok. We settled it the most scientific way possible of course – Scissors, Paper, Stone. (or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in other parts of the world).


Me scissors, Vic paper. hehe...

Saturday’s exercise went pretty well, but I think the ladies  on the water today (Sunday) – Siobhan, Manyi, Dawn, and Shu Fen – did even better. I was monitoring the tweetcast of today’s races, just like how anyone who wouldn’t be able to be at the Sailing Centre could/would do, and providing real-time feedback to them as well. I personally thought it was cool. Which other sport lets you talk to the commentator directly? Check out @s2010byteboy and @s2010bytegirl to see what I mean.

beach launch

And off they go...!

It’s great when different parts of a symphony – in this case: geeks, sports presenters, sailors – come together and make music. I think we’re about done with the tuning up, and we should be rocking in about 69 days. 🙂


Argh! Less than 70 days to go...

Thanks for the reminder guys…