For those of you who are old enough to remember Alyssa Milano and Tony Danza, you’d remember Who’s the boss, the sitcom which ran for 8 years. Unfortunately for us, we’ve only got much less than that, so I thought I’d better let you know who’s the other person that”s been popping up on this blog. Yeap, it’s da boss! (Steph, you asked, so that’s the answer!)

I’ve been instructed by the boss (who else?) not to post photos of her and of course I have to comply. But like all resourceful employees, I have to creative solutions when faced with challenges.

the door

Knock knock...

If you can read the sign (and I know you can read because you made it this far), my boss is Ms Han Liang Yuan, supreme ruler Director of the Communications and Public Relations division which I work in. Contrary to what you might think, this door is hardly ever closed. (Sometimes, we even lock our boss out of her room when we need to call our penpals overseas.)


The door isn’t terribly exciting, is it?

Ok, I’m laying my job on the line here to make this blog more interesting, so please appreciate it!

Those are the backs of Peiling and Christopher

Boss at work

She’s got a smile on her face most times (Ok, that’s not really her face), and it’s helpful given the kind of stress that we’re under to know that the boss still has some measure of good humour in her to put things in perspective. But when it comes to the crunch, she has her serious face too.

no photos

Boss says no photos

And like all ruthless masterminds effective  bosses, she has henchmen elves that she can despatch to get things done.

Here’s a picture of the immediate vicinity of her office, where you can see Ruthless Elf #1: Nadine, seated in her usual unassuming way. (Ruthless Elf #2: Eta not in picture) A “Suspicious Black Box” (a.k.a.) SBB sits in the corner of the office where Liang Yuan and Nadine are, and is occasionally sent out to various locations. I’ve even been instructed to drive it places. Rumour has it that the box is actually used to “despatch” our slacker less effective colleagues. *shudder*

Nadine, the elf

Location of secret black box

Come to think of it, if you guys don’t see me after this post, you know where to find me!!

This post was 100% uncensored. 🙂