What does your driving licence photo look like? Does the photo make you cringe? Do your friends pass it around and break out in giggling fits?

Given we’re about to run into Games Time operations and with the media likely to look for some of our top people for interviews, we thought it might be a good idea to do a photoshoot so we get some decent file pictures for all of them. (mouseover their pics to see what they do for SYOGOC)

Director, Technology

Bee Kwan looks resplendent in a white SYOGOC ensemble

Some of the directors have experience being in front of cameras and can turn it on quite easily.

Director, Workforce

Amy also looks like she's got some practice

I think each of them probably also has a trick or two about wearing the right smile.

Director, Culture & Education Programme

Pak Sing might be thinking about the serenity of Pulau Ubin

Chief Operating Officer

Eric thinking about a nice cold one

It really helps too if you’ve got a photographer who sets you at ease, and an environment you’re comfy in. Just see the difference!

Director, Protocol

Smile Sajit!

But sometimes it’s also about making sure you dress appropriately for your photo.



Today some of the New Media team will get their chance in front of the camera too for a story in Challenge Magazine. Will see if there are any pics that are fit to post. :p