Just like any other major event that requires a whole slew of moving parts to work in unison, the first ever Youth Olympic Games is no different.

In the past couple of weeks, there have been validation exercises for (in alphabetical order) Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Volleyball, and Weightlifting. This is where many of the different people and plans for the Games are put through their paces and we can find out how well they work, and more importantly if they don’t, how we can improve.

We were also lucky to be able to use this amazing opportunity to meet some of our volunteer photographers and let them loose at the event venues. (Brilliant job, guys!)

The following pictures speak for themselves.

Biker boys

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

Mop mop mop mop mop

"I think you missed a spot..."

da doo run run run

Keep on runnin'

Almost... there...

Hang time


That looks kinda heavy

If you’re now inspired and curious enough to want to see more of these validation exercises, click HERE for more info.

If you’ve seen enough to want to buy tickets to watch these events at the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, click HERE.

Speaking of complex moving parts, check out this amazing music video for OK Go!’s “This too shall pass” (very apt for some of my colleagues who are burning candles on both ends). If you want to see how it was engineered, check out this link too.

Incidentally, we had a Rube Goldberg machine to launch our logo way back in early 2009 too. Ancient history!