“I wonder how the world cup organisers are feeling now”, said someone on Facebook.

“The same way you’ll feel just before the start of the YOG”, replied someone else.


We tune in this evening (Singapore is GMT+8) as the curtain rises on the biggest football extravaganza in the world,  and while we hope our own favourite teams are going to win, let’s also support the organisers who will need all their wits about them over the next month to make sure that things run as smoothly as they can.

Zakumi (World Cup mascot) and Lyo (Youth Olympic Games mascot)

I think Zakumi and Lyo might go to the same manestylist

Little fact you may not know: All but one of our celebration cities for the Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame will have their national teams playing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa – Greece, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand & Korea!

Only Senegal (Dakar’s our celebration city) won’t be there, but they’ve produced some pretty good footballers too. Think El Hadji Diouf, Papa Boupa Diop (love the name!) and Patrick Vieira (though he’s now a French citizen).

Go Germany!

No prizes for guessing who this little man supports

So, now the question is, who’s going to win this thing?? 🙂