The man that feeds most of SYOGOC (or at least he dishes out the food) now dishes out football predictions too.

go mexico!

I think our French translators decided not to eat after they saw this

Who needs John Dykes, Shebby Singh or Steve McMahon, when we now have our own resident pundit? We’ve got our very own Malay Uncle selling Nasi Padang (hereafter known as MUSNP until I get his name) doling out his own free tips. No subscription required.

Doesn't he look like an older Michael Ballack?

Go Germany!

Forget the over-analysis, bad jokes and endless advertisements. Just good ol’, home-cooked food for the hungry with a free scoreline prediction.

germany for the cup

No guesses for who he's backing to win the cup

Maybe if Germany wins, we’ll start eating bratwurst and sauerkraut, but more about the food from MUSNP in another entry. 🙂