Oh dear. I’m back in Singapore, back at work, and now I’m behind by 3 entries!

Ok, one at a time.

Today’s entry is about family portraits. You know, the ones where families stand/sit together and plaster forced smiles on their faces? It can be a bit artificial and staged, methinks. How often do your family members dress up, look in the same direction and smile, all at the same time?

Here are some examples:


Remember to vary the poses

family of furriness

Might need a little more facial expression though

meet the chewbaccas

... but remember to get a shave before getting your picture taken

The Communications & Public Relations family went out for a team dinner last week, and we took a family portrait too. The restaurant we were dining in was way too small to line up 40++ people, so we had to get creative.

just one vic

Victor works quite well as a placemarker

So I wondered how many Victors I could fit into the space…


Victors everywhere...

It looked about right, I thought. So I got everyone into the space next to the escalator at International Building. It took awhile to get everyone looking in the same direction, but here’s the final product:

everyone... almost

click on the image for a bigger version!

I think most of the smiles here are 100% genuine, so this is one family portrait I think is worth hanging up. Nice one guys! … 😉

P.S. A belated Happy Fathers Day to all dads out there!