Given the uber-short time frame we had to get this first ever Youth Olympics running, anyone who’s been here close to two years is pretty much an “old timer”. It’s got nothing to do with age, really. (Ok, maybe it does and I’m kidding myself)

So, I’m wondering who’s been here the longest. Personally, I got in on July 2, 2008, and I’m almost a fossil.

I hear from some of the guys who took over the building after winning the bid to host the Games, that the building had seen better days.  No power, no water, no furniture… Prior tenants of the building have included the University of New South Wales, Republic Polytechnic, and the Ministry of Education. But if you don’t have the best of things, you make the best of things. 😉

And I think the most senior of the “old-timers” is probably one of the best at living that mantra. May I present to you…


Mr (or Miss) Mao

I don’t know its name, but he sure likes to talk. Or Meow.  I’m assuming it’s a “he” based on my (limited) experience with cats. Those who take the lift at the back of the building will testify to his “talkativeness”. He’s also been around longer than anyone can remember, and outlived some of the prior tenants.

And all he needs every day is a some dry cat food and water. Doesn’t ask for higher pay. Doesn’t need a parking space. Doesn’t complain when things aren’t going his way. (Or maybe he does, and I don’t understand meowinese)

Kudos to you, Mr Mao. We could all learn a little from you.