I’ve slipped behind again! I should be at #51 today. Argh…

Today, I’m blogging about lunch meetings. You know, the meetings that are scheduled for lunchtime, where you have lunch and attempt to discuss something at the same time. These are potentially morale-draining because your one hour of mental screen-saver time has now been invaded by work, and the food provided might suck not be to your liking. And you might not understand the guy across the table who’s spewing bits of food while trying to put across a point while you dodge morsel missiles. Those kind of meetings.

I stumbled across one meeting yesterday where the JYOF (Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame) team was discussing their operations. I think our resident “bao” (steamed buns filled with meat or paste)  connoisseur, Kee Haur, bought a box of baos for the lucky attendees.

bao for everyone!

I think not everyone's looking forward to baos for lunch. Or work. Or both.

lunchtime fantasies

Got to find the mmmmotivation ...

Anyway, serves me right for laughing. I was just in a lunch meeting myself. :p

On a separate note, I would like to wishdear colleague Cheryl Chong (a.k.a. Chair roll) a happy birthday! I have never seen people run away at the sound of “Happy Birthday” before…