In a flash, I’ve reached the halfway mark.

Seems like just a few days ago when I was at *SCAPE banging away at my keyboard. Seriously, I’ve rambled along quite a bit, haven’t I?

Funny thing is, some of you have started following this blog religously/semi-religiously and it’s nice to know that my $0.02 worth is worthwhile reading on a daily basis. πŸ™‚

Some of you may have even given me feedback in person, which is cool. And anytime I pull out my camera now, people say “You’re gonna blog about this right?” or “Is this going up in the blog?” I’ve even gotten stuff mailed to me asΒ  stuff I could blog about. For those of you who asked: Yes, coming up with content is tough sometimes.


Even the hawt babes plastered on my cubicle walls (by my helpful colleagues) can't give me inspiration. To blog, that is...

But make no mistake, the place I work at is overflowing with interesting stuff to write about, take photos of, and record on video. But that’s not exactly my job. (sometimes I wish it was!) It’s the enviable (because of all the access to athletes, events and backstage stuff) and unenviable (there’s really quite a lot to cover!) job of my team to chronicle our journey on the official Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games website, the WhyOhGee microsite, our YouTube channel, and our Flickr account. These things are literally brimming over with content, and what I yak about on this blog really pales in comparison to the stuff that’s being churned out there. Think I’ll dedicate daily post #51 to some of the people who produce the content you read, watch and hear.

Anyway, since I’ve actually made it this far, thought I’d reflect on what I’ve blogged about what I’ve yammered on about and pull out five of your favourite and my favourite posts. You know how some recording artistes can put together a “Greatest Hits” album before they hit 30? I thought I could do one since I’ve just hit a half century. πŸ˜‰

In chronological order:

#43: Our (new) resident pundit The MUSNP (click through to find out what this stands for ) is spot on with predicting the score between Mexico and France. I hear he’s gone up north either for a holiday, or to become a full-time football analyst. Thanks to him, we scored our highest ever one-day visitorship!

#38: Art for everyone – This post on art generated the most passionate and intellectual discussion thus far. I hear the next art ballot is coming up soon, for those of you who might be interested in becoming “art collectors” too. πŸ™‚

#33: Who’s the boss? – Had fun sticking smileys on my boss’ face. And I still have my job! Now how many of you can honestly say that? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

#14: If this job doesn’t kill you… – People in the organising committee don’t just have to contend with mountains of work, but sharp needles (that’s plural, with an “S”) too. But now they’re immune to everything, I think.

#8: Buzz me later – I’m puzzled about some people who still say there’s “no buzz”. Maybe you can stand a little closerΒ  while I blow my vuvuzela in your ear? πŸ™‚