Just because we’re in the middle of the World Cup, doesn’t mean this post is necessarily about that little Argentinian striker who’s ripping through defences.

Go Argentina!

Like a hot knife through butter

It’s really more about this guy (or his desk actually).


Likely lost his wife inside the clutter (hey i rhymed!)

So today, I shall look around the workstations around the office to make myself feel better. (Since Steph commented on the sad state of my desk 😦 ) You know how some people find “order in the chaos” or have a “method to the madness“? I’ve come across quite a bit of chaos and madness in our office. Sometimes on desks too! πŸ˜‰ But amazingly though, the people who sit at these fire hazards still get things done…

like yin and yang

Spot the difference! (Left: Sophie's warzone, Right: Mary's clean & tidy house)

Some people say having more space makes it easier to store stuff, but I really don’t think so. It just gives you more reason to keep stuff lying around.

more space, more stuff

Peiling threatening to beat me up with her stuffed kangaroo

Well, whatever gets the job done! What do your workdesks look like?