OMG. The Youth Olympic Games are happening NEXT MONTH! Can you believe it?! *faint*

Scary how it’s creeped up on me despite staring at work every day.

Things are moving faster and faster as each day passes, and everyone around me has become a critical cog in this massive operation. Yesterday, about 10 sardines cogs got together in a sardine can very small room to discuss something that we hope will benefit athletes at the Games. (This is also why bigfoot Jialin came back to the office yesterday.)

mr skinny

maybe he has a point

As part of the Culture and Education Programme, athletes at the first ever Youth Olympics will have the opportunity to attend 1 hour workshops that will give them a whirlwind introduction to some applications that we think they’ll find useful as (a) athletes, (b) students, and (c) young people.

Another cool bit is that these applications are all web-based (i.e. you don’t need to install anything, which is useful when you’re using computers in schools or libraries which may give you limited rights) and FREE (you don’t need to pay for any licences). We’ll share the training materials with you eventually, so you’ll also get to learn why these apps are useful and see if you could use them to help make life a little easier and a lot more fun. 🙂


one of our trainers, claudia, stares blankly at the blank screen

So the CEP team, the New Media team, Claudia + Kris (the trainers for the workshop) and Ken (our new friend from IPOS who will be helping us during the Games), crammed ourselves in a room to rehearse a little and discuss the things that needed to be done during Games Time.

We’re wondering a bit about the name though: Digital Media workshop may be an accurate description of what’s going to be covered and the format in which it’ll be conducted, but I have to admit it’s not the most exciting name in the world.

Any suggestions? 🙂