As with most of my posts these days, this is two days late. :p

But I thought I’d still blog about how disturbing it is when your boss decides to commandeer you and your vehicle to troop down to the Istana. This made me quite worried as I wasn’t dressed appropriately to meet President Nathan, but she insisted I come along anyway.

Anyway, it turned out that I wasn’t meeting the President of Singapore, but hanging out opposite his official residence instead, along with some familiar faces next to some familiar rings.


Olympic rings in the park

Lyo & Merly turned up of course, and I think they’ve become a little diva-ish with all the attention they’re getting.

Lyo's personal stylist

It's not easy to keep looking good in all kinds of weather

lyo & hairstylist

Not everyone understands the attention our mascots need though

But even mascots need a break, so there’s some modification to the infrastructure to allow for some personal space for dear Lyo & Merly to chill out in. Not terribly spacious I must say…

shhh... don't tell anyone

Even mascots need a little space

Actually if you drive by Istana Park (see map) in the evening, you’ll see the rings lit up very nicely. Haven’t had the chance to see it yet for myself. Send us a pic for the Photo Of The Day if you can! (email photo to

Try not to harass our mascots.