When people complain that they have nothing to do on weekends, I feel like slapping them they should really join us at the Youth Olympic Games as a member of the workforce. 🙂 Just today, I was in three different locations where work-related stuff was happening before I had my first meal of the day.

Even when I was having my bak kut teh dinner, the chap sitting at the table next to me (whom I’ve never met) was telling his girlfriend that he was about to start on combined trainings at The Float@Marina Bay. I imagine it’s for either the opening or closing ceremony. I wanted to give him a hug, but decided not to freak out his girlfriend. Seems like if you’re Singaporean, chances are you or someone you know is involved with the Youth Olympics in some way or other.

Anyway, today I attempted to sit in on the IDM (Internet & Digital Media) Photographers’ training held at Nanyang Polytechnic’s Lecture Theatre 7 at Blk Q (which I blindly misread as Blk G and ended up walking around in the drizzle at the Sports complex), got interviewed for a faux TV show by Noel, Ian & gang at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and visited the training for WhyOhGee video production crews at Raffles Junior College.

With the stormy weather and my poor eyesight, I ended up with only 10 minutes to listen in on Ms Teh Yee Lin’s photography tips and pointers. Pity because what I learned  in those few minutes as good! 😦

men men everywhere

we've got a lot of male photographers. hmm.

Then off I went to meet Victor for an interview with a group of Film & Media Studies students. We were quite honoured actually, given how the other teams had interviewed meat people like the Muttons (Justin & Vernon). Maybe Vic and I should call ourselves the ‘porkchops’ or something.

noel trying not to get freaked out by victor

Victor doing an impression of a pork chop

After that, I headed back towards Bishan to see what the video production teams were up to at their training session. By then, I was looking forward to a leftover packet of lunch that Amanda found. And she made me work for it too by doing yet another interview. (Sorry to Porter – did I get the spelling right? – and team, for not dancing for you in front of camera. :p )

amanda's lunch check

... and that makes one leftover packet for me!

Here’s to working weekends and remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. 🙂