Thought I’d blog a bit more about the interview that me and Victor were part of on Saturday. Not because we love being scrutinised in front of three cameras, but because of the similarities there are between the work of the production team and what we are doing for the first ever YOG.

1) Learning on the job: I’m sure that Ian (the director) and the crew went through quite a few theory sessions with Ms Natalaray before Saturday, but I’m also sure they probably gained quite a bit from actually doing it for real. Reality strikes in less than a month for us..


all the planning and theory in the world can't replace hands-on practice

2) The show must go on: There were some technical gaffes mid-show, but they kept things flowing and we tried our best not to flinch as well. It’s inevitable that mistakes are made, but it’s how you react and what you learn from the experience that’s important.


Don't forget to keep smiling

3) Be prepared to do more: Because it was Saturday, there were quite a few members of the crew – six to be exact (that’s 40% for you statisticians) – who couldn’t make it for various reasons. Despite this, the nine troopers who remained still managed to pull off the studio recording in just over an hour. Bravo! I’m pretty sure many of us will have to take on more work during the Games as well.

cameraman and floor manager

Top: cam operator looks cool, Below: floor manager Amelia tries to keep sane

4) Don’t forget to have fun: Even with all the challenges they faced, the team was always cheery and optimistic despite the dreary weather outside. 🙂


Thanks for having us!

Kudos to Ian (Director), Fiona (Asst Director), Noel (Host), Amelia (Floor Manager), Subash (Camera Operators), Hanisah (Camera Operator), Yee Ting (Vision Mixer), Jeanette (Computer Graphics) and Shana (Audio Mixer).

If you can do it, so can we.