In less than 12 hours, we’ll be looking at a new country to join the ranks of the great footballing nations who have won the World Cup.  Come to think of it, we’ll also join the ranks of nations who have hosted an Olympic event in less than 40 days!

But threatening to overshadow the showdown between The Netherlands and Spain, are two very different animals who have made their picks for the match.

Never have two non-speaking pundits been in the spotlight for so long, and it’s refreshing how they can not watch a single match and be more accurate than the ones who spend hours dissecting players (not literally of course), tactics, and conditions.

Paul the Octopus from Oberhausen has been getting it right match after match with his mussel picks. (See video for example of his latest prediction)

I hear the German football fans were furious after Paul’s predicted loss against the Spanish materialised and have suddenly developed an appetite for all things octopus.


Many ways to cook an octopus...

octopus balls


When there's not enough Paul to go around...

Octopus-shaped sausages may hopefully help Paul survive?

The Spanish Prime Minister has offered him protection from octo-hungry Germans, but maybe Paul should just get some protection from big brother, Davy Jones.


I wouldn't mess with Davy Jones... would you?

Mani (he has his own wikipedia entry!) on the other hand, lives in Singapore (yey!) and thanks to his new-found fame, has started to get 10 customers an hour, compared to 10 a day.

News report:

The draw (complete with sound FX):

I’m throwing in my hat with the parakeet on the (irrational) basis that it’s cuter and lives in Singapore, so GO HOLLAND! 🙂

What do YOU think? (Assuming you’re not a clairvoyant animal of any sort…)

P.S. Apologies for going AWOL, and thanks Hamsterboy and Steph for checking in regularly during my absence. The number of entries I now owe is starting to look ominous, and perhaps I need to go back to basics – I did only promise at least 100 words + 1 picture, but looks like I got a little overambitious. :p Time to re-examine my strategy!