You might it strange if I tell you that Sundays are probably the best days to work from the office. Before you dismiss my claim as merely symptoms of cabin fever, let me list the reasons for my seemingly warped belief.

1) It’s oh-so-quiet: No laughing, yakking, shouting, screaming, discussing, phone ringings, people spawning in your cubicle…

2) No Fewer emails: It’s not like weekdays where you reply one email, and get three in return.

3) Airconditioned workstations: The difference between turning on the A/C at home versus in the office is that there are probably 3,212,530 distractions at home (e.g. Xbox, cable TV, potato crisps, mum’s cooking, meowing cat…), and I think my office table is slightly more conducive for work. Well, at least I can still find my desk in the office.

4) Better focus: Reasons 1), 2) and 3) make it so much easier to focus on what you need to do, unlike weekdays where another gazillion things happening in and around the office ALL need your attention.

5) Headstart on everybody: Before everyone can flood your mailbox with questions and other things they want from you, you can do it to them first! teehee…

6) Chance to slow down and smell the roses: Well, not literally. In between trips to the pantry and toilet (no roses there for sure), I’ve a few seconds to look at the stuff lying around the office. Actually it’s mostly just Lyo & Merly. More specifically, many different iterations of Lyo & Merly.

UFO vs Lyo & Merly

UFO meets YOG mascots

mascots on the way up

Lyo & Merly meet Russell

No slacking, Lyo & Merly are watching!

OK, this wasn't from Sunday, but it's Lyo & Merly snooping around

the panda and the guru

Lyo & Merly in disguise.... it's not really working i think.

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Sadly, Sundays are going to be like any other day soon, with operations going on 7 days a week, and almost 24 hours a day.

So long, serene Sundays! :p