It’s no joke trying to get 5,000 athletes and officials to where they need to be around Singapore. On time.

I recently started spotting the new markings on the road. You’ve probably seen them too if you commute on Singapore’s roads…

give way!

It's not so bad at night. 🙂

It’s rough as it is trying to get to where you want during rush hour, and I imagine some of you may probably be rolling your eyes (or worse) at the idea of another class of vehicles – apart from police cars and ambulances – that you’ve got to give way to. (See the MEDIA RELEASE)

Well it’s tough, I know, but think of the alternatives? In Beijing, depending on which day of the week it was and what the numbers on your registration plate is, you might or might not be able to take to the roads altogether. In Vancouver, there were dedicated Olympic lanes that none-accredited vehicles could not to drive on (without getting a fine).

Hmm… I think it’s not so bad? And maybe you could get a couple of friendly waves from appreciative athletes too. 🙂