Mark 14th August on your calendar! That’s the date of the inaugural YOG Opening Ceremony that we have been slogging our guts for.

Meanwhile, we are busy prepping for media briefs that are taking place. Media briefs are like briefings to the media to inform them of what’s happening with the show. I’m writing from the Show side specifically, Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Tong and SY at VIP Lounge @ Float

look at the beautiful bay behind us..

We were at the VIP Lounge at Float @ Marina Bay on 29th May. We managed to snap a picture amidst the rush. Say “Hi” to Tong and SY! We’re interns for Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

We had a media brief on 1st June and we made a performance out of it. Of course it was not a simple affair and we brought in performers to showcase. Some of them included DJ Koflow, Dharni, Martial House students and fire performers from BornFire and SOKA.

DJ Koflow and Beatboxer Dharni

DJ Koflow and Beatboxer Dharni at the media brief performance showing off their swag. They’re both friendly people (despite their fame) and i managed to chat a bit with them.

Students from La Salle and their recycled materials fashion designs. Their designs contain everyday materials like badminton racquets, paper clips and origami

fashion runway

One of the pieces shown during the fashion runway was made of common materials that you often see at the market – fruits wrappers! The designer, Ilona Oh, had to scavenge for fruit wrappers from Shop N Save outlet at Sembawang. A kind sales person whom the designer calls Auntie Hasina helped Ilona obtain 500 fruit wrappers of different sizes.


To find out more about the Opening and Closing Ceremonies (and us), stay tuned to this page!