Given how the entire building with about 500 people in it is serviced by just two lifts, it’s a wonder how they’ve held up for so long.

Especially Lift A, that sits just after the main lobby, which explains the vast majority of people who rely on it for up to 12 floors of elevation.

So yesterday, Lift A broke down.

Lift A goes on MC


Ok technically, it was day before yesterday, sometime in the evening when Victor heard its last groans for help.

Thus began the elusive (for some people) hunt for Lift B, which sits at the back of the building – for those of you Lift A regulars.

Where's Lift B?!

Huh? We have another lift?!

After seeing the swarm at Lift B, I decided to run walk up the stairs.

Thankfully, I’m on the 8th floor. It isn’t terribly high, but then I’m not in the best of shape so the morning’s “stairmaster” session was gasp-inducing.

Like everything else that should run during Games Time, the lift was back to normal by lunch.

Good on ya, lift people!