In addition to Sundays, evenings-nights-dawns are also marvellous times to get work done. Thus I ventured back to the office after a shower and a change of clothes.

The Tanglin Road stretch is of course a lot quieter and darker than it is in the day. Perfect for finding my favourite parking spot.

dark and quiet

Misty at midnight

Traffic is also a lot lighter, so I can take my time and moonwalk (it’s night time, duh!) over to the other side.

hardly anyone around...

It's oh so quiet...

And guess what, there are still people in the building on the other floors! So don’t get us wrong, we’re not wasting electricity here, we’re actually still here! 🙂

There is however, one downside to doing this. Z-monster fighting becomes part of the equation. Well, good thing is I can have Beyonce at eardrum-shattering levels for company. 🙂