It’s web jargon for “User Generated Content”.

But I think some of the stuff I’ve seen so far from fans of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games far outweighs a term so generic and dispassionate.

So I’ve come up with my own little definition of UGC that fits you champs: User Generated Coolness.

Case in point, this YouTube video that I got off Harold, my neighbour in the office. A school’s own 3-D version of the Opening Ceremony!

Example #2 is Little Bevy (not sure if she’s ok with me revealing her full name), who created these super cute Lyo and Merly “impersonators”!

the Merly hat

Homebrew Merly

Flaming hair and all

I'm liking this Lyo!

And just today, my beloved botak buddy Mr Andre Hoeden told me that Eunice Olsen had written a song for the Youth Olympic Games! It’s pretty good, I say… so check it out here:

To everyone else who’s creating your own YOG “User Generated Coolness”, I salute you. Share pictures of your “coolness” with us (email to and we might just rewards you with some special premiums. 😉