A Day in the life of a hardworking Intern

Mission: Media Brief 4: Local talents make the show (Costumes, Music and Multimedia)

6am: Dragged myself out of bed to head to Float @ Marina Bay. Its my 2nd month at work. Gosh, how time flies. Another 30+ days and I’ll be back in school mugging and slogging my guts now. I’ll miss the Marina Bay and the people I work with.

the Marina Bay skyline - I took this pic myself!

(top row) from left to right: tong, bing and sy (thats me!), bottom row: sox (our mdm)

7.30am: Last minute preparations for the media brief happening at 10am. The mannequins have to be dressed!

9.30am: Jiggly on my feet! Half an hour more to arrival of press/media only. Oh no!

10.30am: The media brief begins. Ivan Heng (Creative Director) welcomes everyone to the media brief. Ivan always has an impeccable taste in fashion. He’s in pink and red today.

From Left to Right: Brian Gothong Tan, Frederick Lee, Ivan Heng, BG Ishak Ismail, Iskandar Ismail (P.S, I love the rich colours of this picture)

10.50am: I was running around downstairs and I nearly missed out Iskandar Ismail’s (Music Director/Producer) talk about how local talents contributed to the music of Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Lucky I rushed back in time. I loved the song Wei Wen sang. It’s called “Across the Finish Line” which is accompanied by a multimedia show. I must remember to snap a picture with him.

immersed in his song with the multimedia song in the background

11.00am: Brian Gothong Tan (Multimedia Director) is up! He’s somewhat a name out there in the multimedia scene. He’s like the Daddy to his team. It’s quite funny how he “fathers” his kids who are all under 24 years old. There’s this guy called Justin (Post Production Producer) who is Brian’s right hand man. Justin is this very funny guy. He’s back from his Canadian studies to volunteer for YOG. He told me he used to switch between Hong Kong and Malaysian accents just to confuse his poor school mates.

Brian and his right hand man (who's now on the left)

11.15am: Last speaker up for the day is Frederick Lee (Costumes Designer). Hee hee, I tried the Malay costumes headgear the previous night. I think it doesn’t look very nice on me =( . Thank goodness I’m not performing because the costumes are so heavy and hot. I really admire the performers’ toughness. There’s this pretty flowery costume too!

Malay costumes (in blue)

Aerial dancer and bud(flower) dancer in the background

1140am: Photo opportunities and reception! Yay! I’m very hungry after all the rushing around.

Wei Wen towers over me

12.00 noon: Phew! It’s a wrap. Better start cam-whoring before everyone goes.

My other half(Tong) and I

The carp (which is a prop) and I

1230: Mission accomplished.