I’m so happy that so many of you got the answer to my last question right! 🙂 It IS Olympia, and fingers crossed I’ll be able to send the pin to as many of you as possible!

And now, I’m sitting in the Olympic Academy in Olympia (where else?!) typing this entry.

Thought I’d first blog about the journey from Singapore to Athens, which was mind-numbing (for me at least), having 4 kids sitting behind me, screaming, and kicking throughout the 10-hour flight.

But even before that, we had to somehow get by the check-in counters with our massive loads of torches, lanterns, press kits, uniforms and everything else. Have you ever tried lugging a suitcase weighing 44kg? :p

the syogoc lineup

Joey's technically not a box, but...

Even before taking off, some of us were already pretty battered.


Waiting for luggage to get checked in is like watching paint dry

Once we finally got on the plane, it was time to switch to full JYOF mode. Even the food started to look like work.

In-flight JYOF food map

From the Singapore bun, to the Olympia omelette, to the Berlin fruit tray...

And a few hours of disturbed sleep later, we were in Athens, where the sun just doesn’t want to stop shining – It was nearly 9pm yesterday before the sun completely disappeared.

The customs people there were rather unsure what to do with our scary luggage, and thanks to some help from SIA’s man on the ground, Mr Spyros, we eventually managed to clear everyone and everything unscathed.

Francis and Spyros

Deputy CEO + Spyros, who will hopefully wear the JYOF pin we gave him!

I was also thankful that Athens airport is rather straightforward so meeting some of our video and photo team there wasn’t too difficult!

Athens airport map

Click for the full-sized map

We met Nic, Tony (part of our video production team) and Wu Wei (our photographer) for a 5-hour ride into Ancient Olympia.

Tony W

Tony doesn't waste any time!

More soon about the ride into Olympia, and Olympia itself.