I wonder if this is what it feels like before the space shuttle is launched.

Months of planning and testing, we are down to these final hours.

The air is heavy with anticipation. But we are not slowing down.

Each of us is kept busy at our station, getting ready.

Julian is gearing up the crews for the ceremony at the Temple of Hera.

Joey is going through the press materials and interview answers in Olympia.

Shin and Val are settling the final arrangements with the organisers of the Youth Olympic Day at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

In the western part of Africa, Kee Haur is finalising the stops for the Flame as it traverses across the Senegal capital of Dakar.

Li San and Wai Leng are making their way to the other side of the globe to Mexico City after scheduling a series of interviews for the final stop in Seoul.

In Singapore, Angela has eye-balled the final print materials and sent it to production.

Harold has cranked up the machinery to get maximum coverage back home.

Victor, Kok Siong and Naz are making final checks to make sure we get our photos, videos and editorial pieces, and that these get pushed out and posted up.

I have given the materials another once-over. Eta has a set on standby to update too.
Along with us are the entire JYOF team and colleagues from the divisions supporting the operation.

We are ready to the light the Olympic Flame for the first Youth Olympic Games tomorrow.