It was a rough plane ride, but I must say that the drive was so much more comfortable – even if it was almost 5 hours long.

Olympia is more than 300km away from Athens, and we were due to travel there via coach.


Tony helps our support runners commemorate their stop in athens

This of course, means groggily moving our (lucky) 13 boxes and luggage, and stumbling into our seats.

load up!

Yes, I did eventually move a box or two.

It wasn’t very long before we started on our long drive to the ancient city of Olympia, through the roads whose names I cannot read, and even when they are read to me, I cannot understand.


It's (almost) all Greek to me? 😉

The ride was smooth, and made it easy to either read, work, or in my case… catch up on sleep.

werk werk werk

Dy CEO Francis making me feel bad for napping.

But it was an interesting drive, at least while I was awake. Torch Relay head honcho Joel tried to show us the route we were taking, but I don’t think I could tell whether it was Greece or Toa Payoh at that point.

map man

Joel holding up a Mapos Giganthos (is that "big map" in Greek?)


Tony pretending to know what Joel is talking about

My first fling with authentic Greek food was at an authentic Greek petrol station type place. I had this pretty good bagel-like thing with ham, cheese and lettuce called a “Capri”. Best rest stop food I’ve ever tasted!


Tastes even better than it looks

A little off in the distance at the rest stop were a couple of wrecked cars, parked nearly alongside one another. A warning to would-be speedsters perhaps?

don't speed!

Public service announcements don't get better than this

And when we got back on the road, there were things I weren’t used seeing too, like some of these little trailer trucks.

the little truck that could

Wonder what he's got in that shiny container thing...

… and the views.


One of many, many pretty sights en route to Olympia