We are now in ‘recess’, as we wait for the Flame to travel to Mexico City. With the time difference, it means the backroom office will swing into operations again on Thursday morning.

Since Friday, after the Flame Lighting Ceremony in Olympia, the days have been hectic, sometimes frantic – checking on timing of events, waiting to get the statements up, making sure the photos come in etc.

But one of the things I look forward to is to hear from the teams and find out how things were going in their respective Celebration Cities.

Julian was usually grumpy. I wondered if it was the heat or the poor internet connectivity.

Valerie, on the other hand, is always positive and uplifting in her reports, despite some last minute challenges on the ground.

Kee Haur’s reports ranged from being funny, without intentionally being so, to sometimes utter despair as he couldn’t finalise the programme. So much so that when he tweeted that the sound system had arrived at the airport just before the Flame flown in, I could almost hear him cheered.

Li San’s reports have twist and turns, complex plots filled with drama and even cliff hangers.

It is interesting how JYOF inspires all of us in different ways. Read Amanda’s story on Dakar, “Torches Pass Through the Door of No Return“.

I also enjoyed how we can communicate almost instantaneously despite the time difference; I could almost see what was happening from the photos tweeted or posted in the media workroom.

Julian and Joey are now back from Olympia. Julian who seems to have lost weight is perkier; he’s also bought a vuvuzela to annoy all of us.

Kee Haur is on his way back from Dakar.

Li San and Wai Leng are getting ready for the city celebration in Mexico City, while Yee Shin and Val are now en-route to Auckland – I hope their luggage get unstuck in Frankfurt and get over to them soon.

Before we know it, we will start the six-day of Singapore JYOF – next Saturday!.