I hope all of you managed to catch the flame lighting ceremony in Olympia?

Hot hot hot

You go, girl!

If you didn’t, you can watch the ceremony in full HERE (58 min 46 sec). Alternatively, you can watch the highlights HERE (3 min).

During the flame lighting ceremony and throughout the rehearsals, there was a team that I worked with on the ground to bring photos and video to you and the rest of the world. In fact, two of them (Matt & Pav) are following the flame throughout its global journey, and another two (Nic & Tony) are leapfrogging over to Mexico City to get things ready there.

The A Team

L-R: Tony (Producer), me, Wu Wei (photog), Nic (Exec Producer), Yu Yang (photog)

Synth star

Pav, our video editor (sorry i couldn't find a more glamorous pic!)

Matt moving

Matt, our main camera dude (no, that's not a weapon)

All these guys are true professionals and never once grumbled about the challenging conditions that we were working under (heat, dodgy internet connection, tight timelines, uncertainty about whether we would be allowed in certain positions, etc). Still, they delivered despite some of them possibly even having a brush with heatstroke. You’ll be able to check out their work on our Flickr account and YouTube channel.

Thank you for being part of an awesome Audio+Video+Photo team. Very much appreciated!

P.S. I touched down in Singapore this morning at about 6.00am and was rendered unconscious for about 12 hours, and this is about as much as my Olympia stir-fried brain can handle. More on the Odyssey in Olympia to follow…