There wasn’t much time to muck around after the whole flame lighting affair in Olympia.

We had videos to edit, photos to caption, stuff to pack, people to move around, tweets to send, hands to shake, … you get the picture. (So much for catching up on my blog entries!)

Lucky for us, we had a few hours in Athens before having to fly back to Singapore.

Acropolis from afar

Acropolis from afar... very far.

And that’s about as close or as good a view of the magical Acropolis as I could manage.

After checking into the hotel, we were all pretty knackered (or at least I was!) from the day’s events, but still we had to eat, even though it was past 9pm at night! Was told the Greeks eat dinner pretty late.

So off we went to Plaka, on advice from Mr Chris Chan, Secretary General of the SNOC, and experienced visitor to Greece.

Plaka Plaka Plaka

Plaka by night

It’s probably as touristy a place as you can visit in Athens, but with enough local flavour to keep me snapping pictures, trinket hunting and stuffing my face – sometimes even all at once.

old neighbourhood

Shopping or Ruins? I'm spoilt for choice

When you say that Plaka is in an old neighbourhood, it’s really understating it. There are ancient ruins that run right next to the shops.


Thou shall not spraypaint thy ruins

Even the graffiti artists seem to be respectful of what they can, cannot spray on and REALLY cannot spray on – which is cool.


more wall scrawls

Takeaway art

This art you can bring home

But all the culture and history in the world can’t fill an empty belly, so it was time for some carnivorous consumption.

Meat me

Meaty me

And naturally, over food, we started talking and reminiscing about the historical ceremony we were all witness to. Then we decided to relive it all, especially those of us who didn’t get our hands on the torch. :p

Silas = :p

Silas (partially concealled) probably wasn't impressed

And even after eating, there was more temptation lining the streets

Gelato anyone?

Funky coloured ice cream = very tempting in the heat.

But we decided to do a little souvenir hunting instead…

endless shopping

Lots and lots to see...

And look what we found!

amanda and the vuvuzela

Amanda blows and blows... but nothing!

We eventually walked away with about 5 vuvuzelas! 😉

And as we walked along with our booty we realised there were things on the pathway that we had to carefully sidestep.


Doggone walkway!

Some of them were a bit more friendly…


Shufen (torchbearer chaperone) gives out a free tummyrub

But more friends started turning up…

Dog + dog

Doggy's friend looking for tummyrub too, but we got scared and left

Anyway, that was about it before scooting off to the airport at 4am. :p Sorry we couldn’t get to know you better, Athens!