The 2nd Combined Rehearsal (CR) was conducted on 24th July with a lot of performers. Almost all of them were down for the rehearsal – kids, youths and erm.. a bit older youths. The sun was sweltering and I sweated through my t-shirt. Total yucks. Here’s some of the snaps from my photographer, Sebastian. He’s one talented dude.

Our plan for CR2 was to capture some of the youngest faces and also, the people who are really engrossed in action.

The energy that makes hair fly

A young one from School of Dance

Deputy Chief Choreographer Vivienne hard at work

Another young one with her pretty umbrella

A warrior raring and eager to go

You know you see people on the stage all the time. What you don’t get to see are those people toiling backstage. Like the Props Pusher for example. They have to push the huge containers onto the Stage, through the water.

Toiling into the night

through land and water

As part of my work at YOG, I often interact with the performers. Some of them nice, some of them well, a little more mischievous but all in the name of good fun. I made a few friends with the performers and some of them are really amazing. They are all “high” and enthusiastic despite the long waits and sweltering sun. Kudos to them

Fancy getting bullied by a 15-tear-old kid.