On a random day, Tong (my other half, remember her?) and I went up and beyond the Stage. Get it? We went to the backstage of the Stage and up on the Rings (of Containers) as well. And as usual, I brought a camera on Stage to show you (my readers – oh no, thats a lot of brackets) the things you wouldn’t see until 14th August itself. Lucky readers who read this religiously!

Sneak preview coming straight up.

Hip Hop wannabe

The BIG chinese drums used in the Show

From the outside it looks normal...

This is one of the props used for the show. From the outside it looks like a container but inside, the walls are all dressed up to look like city scape. The container will open up during the segment performance.

Wait until you see the inside

The lowest of the Containers

The last picture was taken from the lowest of the Rings of Containers but I guess you can’t really see it? It was pretty scary at the lowest of the Rings already, I wonder how do the other performers stand it. (get the pun? stand there, stand it?) We had to wear a harness when we’re up there and the harness was clipped onto the railing. More ever, there’s a yellow line that no one is allowed to cross. Doesn’t that reminds you of something?