Thought I’d just post one last entry on Olympia with some of my favourite photographs. Hope you enjoy viewing them half as much as I enjoyed shooting them. 🙂

(Click on the pictures to view larger versions)


This was the first time I saw the flame lit during rehearsal. First time for many others too as you can see.

Chatting up the priestesses

Deputy CEO Francis Chong thanking the priestesses for their hard work. He's quite good with the ladies.

Leonard chats up the cops

Leonard, our HNA correspondent, works his magic with the police

man with the plan

Mr Tassos Papachristou, press officer for the Helenic Olympic Committee, has been doing this since 1980. Yes, he knows his stuff!

Amanda & Silas

Our two torchbearers, Silas (back to camera) and Amanda (sunglasses) watch the flame lighting rehearsal for the first time

Spot Silas!

That's how far Silas is from the front of the stadium

the stadium

Something about the place just makes you want to compete...

stride for stride

... to be the best

Coubertin monument

Maybe it's got something to do with how Pierre De Coubertin's heart is buried here. For real!


With its inclines and winding roads, Olympia is also great if you like to drive


The animals are pretty good-looking too. This fellow was lounging around outside a souvenir shop.

no-budget production

No big budget photoshoot for a last-minute request for a photo of the safety lantern. Just good ol' teamwork and improvisation.

media roundtable

Our friends from the IOC hosted a media roundtable to explain what it was that we were up to in Olympia. It wasn't very round though, as you can see.

girl with the olive branch

I'm guessing she grows up to be a priestess too.

big band

The big band that provided the music for the day's proceedings. Love their outfit!

guard of antiquities

Our camera crew nearly got into an argument with Mr Anastaios Mikelopoulas (above), guard of antiquities at Ancient Olympia, on second day of rehearsal. But good sense prevailed, and we were good friends by Flame lighting day. 🙂

cameras and more cameras

We had a good crowd at Olympia on the big day, and I imagine many more from around the world.

not as good as it looks

Shufen, "guardian of the torchbearers", wonders why that dessert doesn't taste more like Tiramisu

priestesses on the hill

Farewell, Olympia! So long, Greece!