The celebrations in Auckland, New Zealand have ended.

NZ groupshot

The Olympic flame, the safety lantern and the blue skies of Auckland

Just one more stop in Seoul, Korea before the Olympic Flame lands in Singapore. It’s already passed through Berlin (Germany), Dakar (Senegal) and Mexico City (Mexico). Time flies … when you’re organising an Olympic event.

Our ubercool flameplane

See you in Seoul!

I thought that I’d actually be much more excited than I am now, but perhaps fatigue is setting in slightly. (Staying up late/waking up early waiting for tweets coming from different time zones can do that to you!) I can also hear coughs and sniffles from those around me. Time to stay healthy folks… We are less than 2 weeks away before the Games is here!


See? That's a heathy pink tongue.

And no Hairul, I didn’t forget. This pin is specially reserved for you, for being the first commenter on daily post #68. We’ve emailed you, so do get back to us! 🙂

jyof pin

Greece > Berlin > Dakar > Mexico City > Auckland > Seoul > Singapore

Pretty nice, yes? 🙂

P.S. All photos, other than the last one of the pin, shot by our Appointed Photo Team. You can use the low-res (72dpi) photos on our Flickr account for use on your blogs, twitter accounts, etc. 🙂