We’ve finally moved our stuff into one of our Games time venues – the Main Media Centre. (We’ve got stuff happening at the Youth Olympic Village at NIE too, but that’s for another blog post.)

boxes boxes boxes

Amanda was very focused on packing. Not sure she kept track of what she packed though.

There were lots and lots of boxes, some loaded with pretty delicate equipment, so we had a few shocks when the moving guys started throwing our editing stations like cabbage. :p But we told them about our frail hearts and I think they got the message.

taking stock

And then we waited for the big truck to take our stuff away...

So off we went… to our new home at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre!

i saw the sign!

That's the sign... and in Francais too. (Didn't know I was working in a bureau!)

We furiously unpacked and set up our stuff, and within a couple of hours, we were practically settled in, save for a few bugbears here and there.

idm faoc's desk


We’ve still got some way to go to make the place feel homely, but I think we’re getting there.

Lyo the security guard

Lyo helps make sure people don't print indiscriminately.

One thing we’re not looking forward to though… re-packing everything at the end of the Games!

Deanna doesn't like small spaces

We promise not to put Deanna into a box to save on taxi fare.