It’s admirable when people forsake their Sunday sleep-ins, and turn up despite a torrential downpour at a location that they’re unfamiliar with at 8.00am+ in the morning for something they probably have never heard of. (Hence the title of this post)

That’s why I think my volunteers rawk.

and this is a sunday!

The workforce that's going to be based at the Main Media Centre

For your information, venex is in no way related to latex, Tex-Mex, or ‘kleenex’. Rather, it’s short for Venue Exercise (yes, we love shortening things!). But no, we didn’t gather really early last Sunday morning to do jumping jacks together. It was for a much more serious reason…

empty chair... don't ask me why

Not the most serious of pictures, I know


Our neighbour Robert (from Language Services) explains what we do to his team

We needed to orientate them to the place that would be their home for approximately 2 weeks, get them familiar with what they would be doing during Games Time, and make sure they all knew what to do in an emergency. Sorta like Freshman orientation, just without the silly games.

Where's the sense of urgency??

Victor takes the time to photograph the city skyline during the fire drill. (Don't try this at home kids!)

Mini Me

Volunteer does his impression of "Julian on Sunday morning" (that's my work pass)

It was of course, also nice to see how many of them were real people and weren’t fictitious names floating around in cyberspace.

Turns out we’ve got a good bunch of committed people who we can count on when the weather is at its worst! (think another tree or two might have fallen that morning) Though we were a little overwhelmed when we actually saw how many people we had when they all turned up at once.

Amanda wonders if the mob will eat her alive

Victor tries to tell everyone a joke. haha.

But honest to goodness truth, we’re all infinitely thankful to all of you for showing up on a soggy Sunday, and look forward to working with you for the next 3 weeks or so! 🙂