Since we’ve moved here, we’ve had a couple of visitors to New Media Lab #2.

There was this big, happy-looking dog that went around the Main Media Centre last night, looking for things that shouldn’t be there..

how much is that doggy ...


Then there was this big, happy-looking Canadian dude that also came by looking for Victor. (Hello Jeremy!) Turns out he’s a social media guru of sorts too, and is here to cover the Games and Team Canada. He’s got this amazing project called Colours2010, which you should also check out.

Jeremy & Vic

Victor showing Jeremy the mischief we get up to

What was great was Jeremy also brought along a friend from Vancouver 2010!


Quatchi isn't a big fan of our weather I think

He made friends pretty easily, and Lyo & Merly are probably quite fascinated by his hairdo.

Lyo, Merly and Quatchi!

Vancouver 2010 meets Singapore 2010

Somewhere in between, our boss decided to spring a spot-check on us too. (Thank goodness we stashed away the toys!)

Anyone else want to visit? 🙂