It’s Day #2 of the Torch Relay, and it’s heading to the EAST, and right past my house!! (See the LIVE location of the torch) Sad thing is I won’t be able to be there to watch, as I’m locked up in the Main Media Centre. Any updates from my homies in Simei are most welcome!

Even our Social Media dude, Victor, is part of the torch relay today along Chai Chee Drive in about 15 minutes! (Go say hello if you see him)

victor and the torch

That's him, right there!

Victor even employed a stunt double today, hoping we wouldn’t notice he was missing.

Victor's stunt double

In terms of looks, close... but no cigar.

Anyway, we’ve gotten wind of his dastardly plan, and have scheduled a video crew to ambush him. Watch out for the video coming soon!

As promised, we’ve got some videos from yesterday for your enjoyment:

Other videos from Day #1 you want to check out:
Singapore’s TV stars take the torch to MacRitchie Reservoir
Shan Wee & Joanne Peh run the torch relay