With cameras being as cheap as they are these days, everybody’s got one. If you think you don’t own one, you might want to check your phone.

Better than an autograph

Don't miss the chance to get a picture with celebrity torchbearers...

And heck, you don’t even need someone else to help you take pictures any more.

go go camwhore!

Most of us are getting pretty comfortable in front of the camera too

With the Torch Relay spanning the island, there are lots of great pics to be taken. The people are friendlier, the smiles are wider and even the weather’s cooler (though damper). Don’t believe me?

strong man or light girl?

You feel lighter...


... almost like you can fly

face in the crowd

You feel like part of something bigger...


... And you can take on the world

Old and young

It's not just for the young


... It's for everyone.

So go on and capture some of these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

They're not missing this moment for the world. :)

Papa-(and mama?)-razzi in hot pursuit

Once you’ve got those photos, don’t just leave them in your memory card. Share them with us! How?

– Email them to us (send to potd@singapore2010.sg)
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– Post them on Flickr and tag them with #singapore2010

For your information, all the photos you see in this blog entry were shot by our volunteer photographers. Is that cool or what?

(Click on the images to see larger versions, and the names of the photographers)