I’ve never thought very much about sunsets in Singapore, given we’re often between tall buildings and can hardly see the horizon, but I’m (almost) a convert. Just need to see a few more to believe that what I saw wasn’t a fluke.

In the early days (I sound like I’m talking about decades ago!) when we were just being introduced to our Games Time office at the Marina Bay Sands., I had the luxury of time to walk across the unique Helix Bridge, past the floating platform, and to the Olympic Park. Pity though that these days, we’re leaving the office only when it’s dark.

The view was … I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

turn, turn, turn...

The flyer at twilight

Steel over water

Looking out on the Helix Bridge

taking a picture of taking a picture

Even I couldn't resist doing the touristy thing...


My version of the same shot

I eventually made it to the end of the bridge, where I got another 2 shots …

At one end of the helix bridge

That's what this place is called


Lotsa colourful spots for a photo or two

… before darkness took over. 😦

If you can, make it a point to come here for a walk before the opening ceremony for some very nice views of the bay.