On the second day of the torch relay, we chanced upon a small group of people along Merpati Road, who came together to cheer on their torchbearer, NG Wen Lin (13).

They included the Sisters from Canossa Convent, Wen Lin’s, grandmother, mother, sister, friends, teachers, school mates as well as their parents.

There were no more than 30 or so people waiting along the two-lane road lined with terrace houses on one side. But the excitement was definitely in the air.

As we waited, we started talking about Wen Lin, how proud everybody was of her, how happy they were that she had a chance to be part of the torch relay.

The Sister started to tell me about Canossa Convent, the school that was right behind us.

The mother told me about Wen Lin’s sister who was good in swimming, and how she was contemplating on whether to register her at the sports school.

Then the first Police outrider was sighted. People started shouting, “It’s here, it’s here.” All the conversations stopped. Friends and families rushed to the edge of road to catch the moment.

The rousing Coke and Samsung trucks turned in, with their music and fanfare turned to full blast. But it was Wen Lin who brought on the loudest cheer as she stepped off the torchbearers’ bus. The 13 year old girl waved back happily.

Soon, the torchbearer before her came running in, the torch was passed, and the crowd was ecstatic. The cameras went clicking; mom, granny, sis and the Sisters looked on and beamed with pride and joy.

The roaring crowds at the morning launch sites and evening community celebrations, in the presence of important people have been great.

But the Sunday morning at Merpati Road with Wen Lin, and her friends and families was a beautiful one.