Yesterday was Singapore’s 45th birthday, and many of us were grateful for a little breather just before the Games hits us square in the face.


photo by kodomut @ flickr

But some of us had to still stick it out, and there was no respite – despite it being a public holiday. Just like Flame Guardian, Feodor Mak (read his story here).

Flame Guardians

Feodor is second from right (photo by Erik Estrada)

There were many others who were also working at the various Games venues around Singapore, and we salute you. (It’ll all be over before you know it!)

Anyhow, it’s back to full-time over-time work again, and Coke Zero to stay alert awake.

A belated Happy National Day Singapore, and here’s hoping you show the same love for us  (a.k.a. the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games) as well. 🙂


photo by @ flickr