I was just talking to Robin D., one of our STARS (Short-Term Assigned Regular Staff a.k.a. staff from government agencies who have volunteered to help us for the Games) today. He was reminiscing about how the earliest Olympic-related memory he has is of a howling wolf (with a sore-throat) from 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. We googled and learnt that it was Vucko, the mascot for the ’84 Games, seen here in this video from YouTube:

It’s old-school animation, and we talked about how much time and effort it probably took (back then) to bring Vucko to life.

But with technology where it is now, it’s pretty mind-blowing what off-the-shelf software and hardware can do. Just look at this video that a few students from Nanyang Polytechnic came up with as part of their school work:

There’s actually an even more kick-ash version that’s in stereoscopic 3D (that’s nerdspeak for needing the 3D glasses).

And all I had in school were crayons. :p

By the way, since we’re (sort of) on the topic, what’s your earliest Olympic memory?