It’s still 3 days+ to the Games, but some of us are already displaying traits traditionally associated with Olympians.

1) This is Vicson, and he looks like he hasn’t slept since July while working for us.

vicson napping

Vicson catches a few winks (while he can)

2) I don’t have a picture of John Wong, but this is a (great) picture by John Wong.

by John Wong

Nice shot, Mr Wong!

Today is John Wong’s birthday – I don’t know his exact age though. John braved the elements¬† today as a volunteer photographer to help us bring the Games to all of you. (We’ve got a little surprise here at the office for you John! :))

3) This is Weijie. Weijie is a champ in my book, for running with the torch. For 15km. In the rain. In slippers.  (Read more about Weijie)

going the distance

Photo by unidentified Straits Times reader

Sleepy Vicson has woken up, and he seems happy, I think.


Ya right.

And even though I haven’t met John or Weijie, my feel is that they’re pretty thrilled to be part of this whole experience too – Just like the rest of the Singapore 2010 workforce, who are working their behinds off so we’ll have an event all of us can be proud of.