Gaaah! This was supposed to go up last night… Anyway let’s just pretend we’re still on the 12th, shall we?

Since we’ve moved in to the Marina Bay Sands last Wednesday (it’s been that long already?!), we’ve had some time to develop some sort of routine before the Main Media Centre’s clients (i.e. the media – duh!) descend upon us.

But that time has since passed in the glint of an eye.

media help desk

First thing you see after the metal detectors (it's a lot more crowded now!)

Here at the Main Press Centre on the 4th floor (International Broadcast Centre is on the 1st floor), the media will have pretty good facilities in which to do their work in, like these workstations equipped with internet connectivity, phone lines, and electricity, which is very important.


Ready and waiting

They’ll even have access to a few massage chairs in the Media Lounge case they knead need a break!

And someone must have told them about the massage chairs because they have started coming…

queueing for accreditation

No Hello Kitty, just media accreditation (and massage chairs)