Just 1 more day and its the show. I’m so jumpy on my feet, anxiously waiting for the Opening Ceremony. Good show everybody!

Meanwhile, we’re busy entertaining media requests coming in daily. Newspapers have been featuring the performers as well as behind the scenes. Usually its pretty fun facilitating these requests but its even more fun when we get to hang out with the performers after they do the interviews. Like its name YOUTH Olympic Games, the Opening Ceremony Show is filled with youths. People around my age or younger.

Today, we traipse with Melodie from YOGhurt, this nine piece girl band who is formed specially for YOG. Melodie and gang will sing and dance in the segment called “Monster”. She told me its difficult to dance in that costume of hers. My my, look at those boots. A little bird told me their costume was cosplay inspired.

Watch out for her on the 14th. Many thanks to Melodie for hanging out with us!

She loaned me her headgear

Tong tong got an urge to drum it all out

Sings: dancing in the sunlight..

Its us two girls vs the Marina Bay

Melodie looks the nicest as always

Here's to the YOG: Infinity and Beyond